Agriculture (Corn, Lemon)

Çağrı Lojistik also participates in agriculture in its sector, where it creates high competition and alternatives.

We grow corn in our 1,000-acre land owned by us in the Karapınar / Konya region and lemon cultivation in the Tarsus / Mersin region.

  • We are aware that agriculture, which is one of the biggest sectors of our country, is a sector that requires responsibility.
  • We participate in this awareness and responsibility with the highest awareness in our business plan and implementation.
  • We are one of the best agricultural establishments in the regions we own.
  • We know that we owe this country a lot in the field of agriculture as in every field.
We are committed to the best of our valued customers regarding the width of our land and the efficiency of our products.

We are delighted to provide you with reliable and reliable information 24/7 about our agriculture.

We are aware that every seed planted in the highly fertile soil of our country is our future.

Agriculture (Corn, Lemon)