Reliable Logistics Services

As ÇAĞRI Group, we offer efficient logistics solutions that you can use to make your cargo move faster and safer than ever, thanks to our platform and a wealth of experience in transportation.

Domestic Transportation

Your cargo's journey rarely begins or ends at a port. Discover our services for your cargo to be delivered to the final destination smoothly and quickly with our door-to-door, road and / or rail solutions.

Shipping / Freight

Çağrı Lojistik offers the advantage of being fast, reliable and accessible 24/7 in the field of cargo and shipping, where it has brought a new dimension and competition to the industry.

Call beside the accessibility to every corner of Turkey Logistics, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) 'in, has the industry's largest network.

  • You can reach all our representatives instantly and 24/7.
  • All of your cargo and shipments are sent in the fastest way with our wide work area and partners.
  • With its ever-increasing experience, Çağrı Lojistik delivers all your shipments to the address quickly and efficiently.
  • Our greatest promise is, as always, "our reliability".

Our main belief is the highest standard performance for the most effective control over your assets.
  • One of the biggest differences in its field is Çağrı Lojistik, which is committed to the best in its customers.
Our reputation for providing the best results for our customers is recognized in the region.

Shipping / Freight