The customs clearance process differs from country to country and port to port, but there is no need for a headache. See for yourself how we can easily access all the documents you need, wherever you need it, so you won't be subject to unnecessary charges.

We offer our consultancy services in foreign trade transactions to our valuable customers that we work with in the field of import and export. Together with our professional consultants, our commitment to dealing with your transactions quickly, accurately and efficiently is endless.

Mainly in the customs process in our country is 4458 Customs Act pursuant to Article 5, the commitment level that we 'Customs Brokerage' our service, we work with 50 customs staff and 8 customs addition to our counsel, our partners we conduct our customs processes at every point of Turkey is reaching you with.

  • Our customs brokerage service includes a significant part of our investments.
  • As in every field, our most trusted point in this area is our "reliable" service.
  • You can benefit from this service in many points of our country with our comprehensive network.
  • Our customs brokers fulfill their responsibilities with full awareness.
It is the service to prepare the customs documents and to ensure that the shipments comply with all applicable laws, to determine and track the taxes and taxes to be paid and to process the payments on behalf of the customer in order to facilitate the import and export of the goods.
  • Preparing and Filing Customs Forms
  • Organizing and Classifying Posts
  • Creating Detailed Postings and Tracking Records
  • Determining Tax and Tariff Payments
  • Protecting the Trade-Related Knowledge Base
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving - Analyze information and evaluate results to select the best solution and solve problems.

    Performing Administrative Activities - Carrying out daily administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing documents.

    Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others - Translate or explain what information means and how it can be used.

    Analyzing Data or Information - Identify the underlying principles, causes, or facts by dividing information or data into separate sections.

Customs Consultancy