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We have accomplished many steps and innovations to provide the best products and services to our customers and to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. Our vision and mission are as vital and important as the first day. While maintaining our company's respectable image, fulfilling our responsibilities towards society and the environment has been our greatest motivation in the steps we have taken. Step by step to a new future...



A New Dimension in Service

In the Middle East Turkey-based leading logistics service providers that purpose as well as the Cagri Logistics, more than 30 years experience in the sector by Sea, Air, Road, Dry port and storage, transit operations, such as project installations "in all areas of logistics" reliable, delivering professional services one of the leading companies in the sector in Turkey aims to be. Offering the most efficient and economical services with its network network with its new investments; The success of our operations increases every day with its efficient, qualified and experienced team managing different units.


Our Trace

Step by Step to the Best


Çağrı Lojistik was established in 1998 by Ahmet Dönüş and Mehmet Can Dönüş in Mersin to be the best in the sector.



Fleet Shipping company, which we are a partner of, was established by creating a line that includes the routes of Taşucu - Girne (T.R.N.C) and Mersin - Magosa (T.R.N.C).



We have stepped into the livestock sector with our the amount of 800 animals beef farm established in the Karapınar / Konya region.



We created to diversify our services to you; We activated our forwarders, bunker and shipping agency units

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