Our Values

Towards Perfection

We aim for excellence and high success. We bring a new dimension to competition with our structure based on customer satisfaction.

The Progress of Society

As an institution and individual, we feel responsible for the construction of a modern and progressive society that embraces its culture and values. With this sensitivity, we set an example to society.


We Aim The Perfect

Experience and Tradition

Our services in the field of spedition, logistics and transportation have become a rough diamond for over 30 years. We will give you good advice, look at everything reliably and follow a smooth process.

Extent and Maximum Effort

We carry with the utmost effort and attention possible. Whether it is day or night, we provide our customers with the necessary information after detailed checks on loading, unloading, arrival and departure times.

Individual Solution

We approach each customer and account individually. Whether it is transportation or other logistics services, we will suggest the best and most effective solution for the given situation.


We Take Initiative and Responsibility

Insurance and Guarantee

As a company, we are protected by professional indemnity insurance, so are our employees. We control our contract carriers through internal auditing and they are always insured appropriately. Apart from that, we can guarantee you the loading and unloading times and the highest quality of our services.

Optimized Network for Money Saving

Çağrı Lojistik works with you to determine the best ways to optimize our network to reduce your increased shipping costs and provide better service.


We are Responsible to Our Customers

Experienced Staff

All our employees are experienced in all aspects of the shipping process, including all documentation requirements for any cargo. In addition to the personnel experience, our company shows high level of success, sensitivity and satisfaction in all orientation, management and development projects with the knowledge of the sector experience. Çağrı Lojistik, making a difference in its sector and revolutionizing the competition, uses all its experience and experiences to please you.